5 Ways to Buy Magic Magic Mushrooms Safely

5 ways to buy magic mushrooms

see how to get magic mushrooms anywhere in the world from online on the street or in the wild and be safe doing it even if it is illegal where you’re at. Magic mushrooms can be difficult to

purchase because many countries have made them illegal and classified them as a controlled substance every country is different some countries have it as legal like brazil jamaica and the netherlands while other countries have it as completely illegal like australia japan and the

united kingdom there are many other countries as well in the united states denver colorado and

oakland california have decriminalized it basically making it legal to buy grow and use every other state in the united states is a hundred percent legal to buy the spores except california georgia and idaho


now let’s take a look at the top three ways to get magic mushroom number one how to purchase magic mushrooms online 


1. pre-inoculated grow kits

 this option involves you exposing the mycelium to air light and water and then it will start to fruit and produce mushrooms in as little as a week

while this option sounds the easiest it is a little more difficult to get it in every location and since 80 percent of the places in the world have made it illegal most places won’t even ship the grow kit to you and even if you do ship it,there could be a chance that it it would get seized at customs if you bought it internationally.


2.how to purchase magic mushrooms on the street


this option will probably be the most expensive and the street price for purchasing them is about ten dollars per gram or a hundred and sixty dollars an ounce the biggest advantage to buying it on the street is someone else has already taken the time to grow it and dry it out for you this is a process that can take a couple months if you were to do it yourself the easiest way to find someone on the street that sells magic mushrooms is to ask someone who smokes marijuana

because their supplier would probably know someone that has magic mushrooms for sale. the biggest thing to keep in mind is that cops are most likely not going to arrest you at least in the united states if you have these mushrooms for personal use but if you are growing them for profit that is a whole other thing.


3.spore prints 

the easiest and safest way to get that online that would allow you to get it shipped anywhere in the world without the risk of it being seized by customs would be to buy the spore print this would also be the cheapest option since a spore print would cost you less than 50 dollars and would produce around 200 dried grams not to mention that since you now have the actual mushroom you can simply create your own spore print and essentially have an infinite return on your investment simply scrape some spores from your print into some distilled water put it into a syringe and then inject your substrate


4. spore syringes or vials 

this is a good option for some species if they don’t sell the spore print for example the penis envy strain of the silicide cabensus mushroom is almost impossible to find a spore print because only five percent of its mushrooms actually produce spores

if you live near a forest then you can learn about the habitat that magic mushrooms grows in

and see if that matches any habitats near you the problem here is if there is a location that grows them most likely other people will already know about it and you’ll never get any space there.magic mushrooms in the wild that explains how to identify them the habitat they live in as well as their potency.

5.How to buy Magic Mushrooms online

There are several Legal Psychedelic Stores online that you can visit to purchase Psilocybin legally.You can also pay anonymously with Bitcoin and other crypto and have your order shipped to you seamlessly  if you don’t want to use your card to order.

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